Survival Fire Starting Video

Explanation and presentation of various fire starting tools. Fire is essential to staying alive in a survival situation. There are many ignition options for fire making. For wilderness survival some are clearly better than others. Fire provides warmth in cold weather, allows you to boil and purify water, cook food, boosts moral in a scary situation, and so much more. Also discussed are some home made and man made fuels and tinders. Swedish Firesteel. Strike anywhere matches dipped in wax for waterproofing. Magnesium fire starter. Various types of lighters. Magnifying lenses.

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Finding Shelter and Water Video

Finding drinking water and shelter is critical to wilderness survival. It’s not always this easy to find shelter and water, but knowing your location and where to look for clean water, such as between mountain ridges or near oceans can help a great deal.

As always, staying observant and aware of your surroundings will help you survive no matter the conditions. Many people would walk past or ignore obvious shelters and sources of water simply because they haven’t trained themselves to be aware of such things.

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